I am an artist to my core - seeking structure amidst chaos and meaning despite endless mystery. But my style is not for the faint of heart.

My life is steeped in paradox, and that's the way I like it. 

I am a North Carolina native with dreams of living in the desert. A serious seeker raised by two scientists and an orthodox church. I studied ceramics and fibers as an undergraduate, enthralled by the challenge of combining materials that are so fundamentally different. Now, I am on a mission to develop a creative health movement, bringing together artists, therapists, teachers, healthcare professionals.

I believe that the collaborative process and teachings of Tantra Yoga can help us discover harmony in all our relationships - with each other, with the earth, and with our selves.

My work is teaching people to embrace their wisdom through Yoga and embodied consulting.

My journey consists of relentless questioning, profound lessons in humility, and a cultivated sense of trust. I am dedicated to the interconnected nature of all beings and the work of rebuilding a world that honors this majestic truth. I am devoted to my personal practice, and I surround myself with people who share that commitment.

Every day, I am infinitely grateful for the guidance of countless teachers, including Kelly Golden, Valerie Midgett, Serena Crawford, Michele Quan, Mel Chin, Carolyn Elliott, and my dear family. I received a BFA from Appalachian State University in 2014, and I am a Yoga Alliance Certified E-RYT with seven years of teaching experience and nearly a decade of practice without break. I am currently based in Atlanta, GA with my partner, John, who is a geologist, environmental engineer, and budding rock climber.

My work explores the intersection of creativity, sexuality, and spirituality. Inspired by a multitude of disciplines, my teachings combine movement, meditation, philosophy, art-making, and nutrition. I have taught, published, and exhibited work nationally, and I work with Vira Bhava Yoga School to facilitate 200-hour and 300-hour integrative trainings across the country.

But if you really want to know me, let's have a conversation.