weekly classes

Mondays - Yoga for Strength, 6pm @ Yoga General in Decatur, GA

Tuesdays - Groove Yoga, 7am & 9am @ GROOVE Studio in Midtown Atlanta, GA  (Call/text 919-612-0856 to reserve your space)

special workshops

Maria travels across the country teaching group classes & community events. Want to hold space for creativity & healing in your city? Let's talk!



Yoga for Creatives 

Wednesday May 24, 7pm - 8:30pm @ GROOVE Studio, Midtown Atlanta

Awaken your creative spark with Yoga and art-making! This class will combine Yoga, meditation, drawing, and journaling to help you explore your own creative process. Open to all levels and creative types, and writing/ drawing materials will be provided. Please bring a Yoga mat/ blanket. **Pre-registration is required due to limited space.


Food Magick & Meditation

Sunday June 7, 5pm - 7pm @ GROOVE Studio, Midtown Atlanta

Connect to the earth elements in your food and discover the power of ritual communion! We will explore the Ayurvedic doshas & relationship with food by tasting the 6 Tastes & sharing a meal followed by a restorative and uplifting meditation. Please bring a blanket/ cushion for sitting, and notify us of any allergies/ dietary restrictions. **Pre-registration is required due to limited space.


GROOVE Forward Festival

July 7-9, 2017 in Wilmington, NC

Celebrate summertime and July's Full Moon with a weekend of Yoga, meditation, and art-making! Discover your creative power and wild nature while you GROOVE FORWARD with us... Food Magick: Tastes of Ayurveda + Dinner Ritual, HeartBeat Flow: Drumming + Yoga + Singing, Tantra, Yantra & Mantra: Movement + Art-Making + Meditation, Moon Making & Pottery: Ceramic Sculpture + Intention Setting, and Full Moon Yoga: Energetic Flow + Sacred Celebration!

Tantra Yoga Teacher, Maria Borghoff, will team up with Jackie DeConti of Terra Sol Sanctuary and Jess Reedy of Pineapple Studios to offer these fabulous festivities.


GROOVE Gathering Retreat

October 6-8, 2017 @ Mountain Light Sanctuary outside Asheville, NC

Arrive home in yourself with the Art of Integration. Join us for a magical weekend where we will combine Yoga, meditation, art-making & daily ritual to explore self-care & the majesty of nature. Weekend workshops will include Tea Ceremony + Yoga Nidra, Morning + Moon Meditations, Energy Medicine + Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Cooking + Dinner Ritual, Yoga of Sound + Modern Mantra.

Tantra Yoga Teacher, Maria Borghoff, and Expressive Arts Counselor & Nutritionist, Claire Bilbao, join forces to offer this supportive and healing space.


200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

March 2018 in Atlanta, GA

Details coming soon!

Public events


Secrets of Sexual Energy

June 4 @ Come Away Women's Retreat in Madisonville, TN

An interactive class about creativity as a mode for healing, with Maria Borghoff, artist & Tantra Yoga teacher, 500-RYT. Explore how movement, meditation & art-making used to remedy emotional overwhelm & creative positive change. We will discuss Tantric & Buddhist philosophy as well as modern methods of moving your energy to compose a more intentional life.


Yoga for Creatives: Weaving & Ceramics

June 17-18 @ Kimball Art Center, Park City UT

Explore your authentic voice and creative process through gentle movement, meditation, journaling, ceramic art, and weaving. On the first day, we will use mixed-media weaving to explore our conscious desires and habitual behaviors by making a tapestry that harnesses the power of intention. On the second day, we will use clay with simple hand-building techniques and elements of taste to create platters that reflect our unique experience of perception and action. Participants will create expressive artworks and discover how Yoga can be a source of inspiration and self-expression.


Somatic Drawing

June 19-22 @ Kimball Art Center, Park City UT

Learn to see from multiple perspectives with a tangible experience of the present moment. Drawing is a skill that anyone can learn, and somatic means "living body." When we practice Somatic Drawing, we are tuned in with all that encompasses being a living and breathing human being. We will explore the fives Koshas (layers of the body) through mindful awareness, observation practices, internal landscape study, and various methods and materials for drawing. Participants will create a collection of technique sketches, a series of completed drawings, as well as a new understanding of their own body.


Extrasensory: Community Art Opening

November 10 @ The Frist Center of Visual Art, Nashville TN

Palate is one of five community-built artworks for a public exhibition titled Extrasensory. Maria offered free workshops and help community members create ceramic pinch pots that represent individual taste buds. The public participated in blind taste-tests and audio experiments that will be used to create a "symphony of sounds" to accompany the ceramic pots which will be installed on the wall in the shape of a tongue. Exhibition will run from October 2017- May 2018.


Maria is currently booking workshops across the country. If you'd like to collaborate, please reach out using the form below. 

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