My name is Maria, and I teach the secrets of sexual energy.

My goal is to awaken people to their majestic nature. I help my students cultivate creative & emotional intelligence by connecting to their body's innate innate wisdom through movement, nutrition and art-making. With 6 years experience teaching in studios, museums and universities across the country, I help individuals & couples create rich and meaningful relationships. Through personalized programs grounded in Tantra Yoga philosophy, I provide practical tools to fully inhabit your body, authentically express your emotions, and transform your desires into positive change.

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Connect to your sexual energy & creative power...

“Maria and her work is a blessing. She might not know it, but she is actually handing people golden keys to open a wider part of their inner and outer world. And real life things happen as a result of that opening, with awe and adventure!”

“Maria is such an authentic person with a gift for connecting people back to their truth. We are so incredibly lucky to have her in our community. She is both an amazing artist and inspiring yoga teacher, and she shares her wisdom of Tantra and the depths of her personal practices.”

“Maria’s holistic approach is truly an effective way to change your habits and life. Maria helped me to visualize what I want in a partner and then equipped me with a way to get there, without inserting her opinions (as I’ve experienced in the past). She’s truly a teacher who doesn’t just tell you what you want or what you should want, but she empowers you to reach these conclusions and gives you concrete ways to achieve your goals.”

“I contacted Maria with hopes that she could help me improve my ability to communicate my emotions to others effectively, a concept that I have struggled with for most of my life. The results were unbelievable, and almost immediate - never have I felt more comfortable and at ease addressing my personal weaknesses. Maria is judgement free, soothing, and confident; most importantly, she genuinely cares about helping others and empowering them to enrich their lives and overcome their unique obstacles, which is reflected in her personal and interactive approach. I really can’t thank her enough!"

“Maria’s helped me connect my body with my mind in a way that I’ve never experienced. Finding a cause for discomfort in the body and giving me visualizations and exercises to help eliminate the discomfort and form new habits to avoid it in the future.”

“Maria is a calm and insightful teacher. The tools she provided continue to help me cultivate a more free and loving version of myself, equally strengthening both my working and romantic relationships.”

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