Maria offers one-on-one support for students who want to nourish their health and enhance their relationships by cultivating a personal practice. She provides a wealth of personalized resources and custom exercises using breathing, movement, meditation, art-making, nutrition, and daily rituals.

45-min & 75-min sessions (Available in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia OR via Skype.)

“Maria is such an authentic person with a gift for connecting people back to their truth. We are so incredibly lucky to have her in our Yoga community. She is both an amazing artist and an inspiring Yoga teacher. Maria shares her wisdom of Tantra, art, and the depths of her personal practices.”

“Maria’s methodology is a true representation of her passions & her gifts. In our work together I was able to cultivate a stronger connection between my mind & my body, and unearth a powerful vision for myself as a creator. As a result, I am infinitely more grounded, not just in my personal practice, but on my journey to self actualization.”

“Maria and her work is a blessing. She might not know it, but she is actually handing people golden keys to open a wider part of their inner and outer world. And real life things happen as a result of that opening, with awe and adventure!”


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